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festive by meeganz on Flickr.
sirenofasuccubus: Hi there, first off I love your blog I wish everyday could feel like your blog. But I noticed you were talking about North Carolina (I myself live in Virginia) and I was wondering if you had ever heard of the Fall Festival that goes on along the Blue Ridge Parkway? It happens just about all of October and it's a wonderful time to go with the scenery and all of the festivities. You should really check it out I'm sure you would love it just as much as I do<3

No, I’ve never heard of it! I would love to visit in october. I’m sure I would love it! 

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Anonymous: man im originally from north carolina, and like the seasons were all beautiful there - now i live in scotland and its either cold or rainy all year round :(( we get the occasional nice day, or if luck has it then a week or so, but most of this summer has been spent indoors, which is lame

I really want to visit scotland. I love rainy weather. so I feel like ill love it there! 

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sailorskeleton: Your blog keeps me alive. I live in socal about a 40 min drive from TJ. We get a whole lot of summer and then a month of spring. Thank you for running this blog.

aw thank you, I love running this blog because of sweet people like you! :)

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birdsofabutton: oh man if you truly want to experience and see the seasons change, come to minnesota. i live up there and the fall leaves are literally the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. we have an arboretum like an hour away from where i live and its like this magical fall wonderland when the leaves change. and when winter comes around and the first snowfall happens its like something out of a bing crosby song sighs dreamily

Minnesota is on my places to visit actually! I heard its so beautiful. omg it sounds so lovely! 

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Cassandra Marie Photography by cassandramarie17 on Flickr.

So to all of my lovely people in college, Where do you get your textbooks from? To order them from my college store is so expensive, I wanna cry. So please help a girl out. 

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I ♥ Autumn by Maxi Winter on Flickr.